Economic turbulence and legislative and regulatory action will continue to effect changes in the energy industry. The shakeout of companies will continue to present merger and acquisition opportunities, bankruptcies, asset sales, and --on the flip side-- start-up openings for entrepreneurs. Those with resources to capitalize on these opportunities or those seeking a way to continue operating need the guidance of experienced counsel.

The President of Carrigan + Associates has over 20 years of experience as general counsel for energy and telecommunications companies. In that time, she has worked on corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance structures, corporate compliance issues and negotiations of complex, multilateral agreements.

As Senior Vice President and General Counsel for ISO New England, Kathleen Carrigan was the legal advisor and Secretary to the Board of Directors. She was part of the senior management team that led the negotiations on proposed mergers between ISO New England and other Northeast ISOs. She also was the chief legal strategist and negotiator in the discussions that resulted in transforming ISO New England to a regional transmission organization. This effort included the negotiation of a governance structure for over 250 members of the New England Power Pool, and separate arrangements with seven transmission companies for the operation of their transmission systems.

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