Deregulation has not resulted in the demise of regulation. On the contrary, the evolving changes in market rules and tariff provisions, new regulations and laws have added a layer of complexity to an already complicated framework. Those changes include modifications to the energy, capacity and ancillary services markets, system planning initiatives, directives governing greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy mandates. Successfully navigating through the regulatory labyrinth requires a close working relationship and open lines of communication with all market participants, Regional Transmission Organizations, state and federal regulators and public officials.

Our team has been on the front lines of restructuring of the electric industry leading negotiations with market participants, state public utility commissions, state attorneys general and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on behalf of clients. Our understanding of the regulatory landscape, including FERC compliance and investigative processes, enables us to provide clear guidance for our clients.

The development of a set of competitive wholesale electricity markets for New England required close interaction with regulators and other stakeholders at the state and federal level. Gaining approval for ISO New England's forward capacity market required more than four years of negotiations with market participants, the New England states and several appearances before the FERC to defend the proposal.

The deregulation of the telecommunications industry encouraged innovation and infrastructure investment in the nontraditional telecommunications area. The President of Carrigan + Associates assisted in leading SNET to become the first telecommunications and cable company to receive a statewide cable franchise over its hybrid fiber coaxial network. SNET was one of the first telephone companies in the country to offer video on demand services.

Building on this experience, Carrigan + Associates can provide clients with expertise in regulatory matters affecting their businesses, transmission and generation siting processes, rate-case litigation, infrastructure development, and negotiation of complex regulatory agreements, market rules and tariff provisions.

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