Strategic Planning

Carrigan + Associates can provide advice and counsel to companies as they develop business plans related to the generation and distribution of electrical power from source to user, the development of renewable energy and demand-side resources, the sale of electricity in competitive wholesale markets, or the marketing of new Smart Grid technology. Our experience enables us to quickly understand the goals of senior management and develop steps to achieve those corporate objectives.

We have considerable expertise in transmission planning processes, having worked with Regional Transmission Organizations in New England and New York. At ISO New England, we oversaw the development of an annual report that identified the needs of the transmission system and served as a guide for transmission investment. These reports prompted the development of five major new transmission upgrades that will improve the flow of power throughout the region.

The President of Carrigan + Associates also provided strategic planning guidance in overseeing the first in the country "scenario analysis" process for ISO New England involving more than 100 stakeholders from around the region. The group analyzed the resource needs of the region 20-25 years in advance and studied the economic, reliability and environmental impact of various hypothetical resource mixes - natural gas, oil, renewable, nuclear. The report was intended to be used as an information source by New England policymakers and other stakeholders in the energy industry, as they sought to identify affordable and reliable electricity options to meet the long-term power supply needs of the region. This type of report continues today and had been replicated in a number of different forums.

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